In today’s world, employers wishing to maintain high employee efficiency and involvement should review their approach to the current policy of employee benefits and meet worker expectations and market requirements.

The main conclusion of the lessons learned from the pandemic is that benefits should be flexible and tailored to the needs of individual groups of employees. Priorities vary according to the age, gender and health situation of workers. The Pandemic verified their approach to non-remuneration benefits; private healthcare packages became the most common of those.

Nord Partner employees have extensive experience in building insurance schemes for various industries and in implementing medical care offers in corporations, with a dispersed structure, local government units and many other entities. Each offer is created as a result of a thorough analysis of the Client’s needs, adjusted to the specificities of their activities and the employee structure. We supplement coverage with preventive programmes tailored to the risks occurring in the workplace. Contracts concluded through us also offer the option of occupational medicine, making the programme comprehensive.

Our employees have developed a sector scheme of medical care packages for JST, thanks to which employees of this sector can benefit
from coverage on special conditions.